Palladio Mosaics


Founded in the year 1990, the  Italia Group has interest in Ceramic Tiles, Glass Mosaics and Porcelain Mosaics. Italia Group entered into a joint venture in the year 2000 with Trend Group of Italy for the manufacturing of glass mosaics in India. The unit was set up with complete Italian know-how and supervision. With innovation in setting up a complete manufacturing unit from scratch to product line and to timely dispatch, the Group is today amongst the foremost & renowned brands in the Indian & international market. The international division of the Group-Palladio Mosaics Pvt. Ltd. has its presence in more than 45 countries on the Globe.


PALLADIO range of glass mosaics allows the designer an unbelievable, first of its kind, palette of colours and textures creating stunning visual effects covering most architectural needs. Technology and know-how; these are the areas in which PALLADIO has focused in order to develop excellent products with inimitable style. Versatility is combined with India craftsmanship and artistic abilities, which not only touches the sphere of aesthetic sensibilities and style, but also contains a deep awareness of mosaics and a constant desire to experiment, to go one step beyond. This characteristic is part of PALLADIO’S genetic makeup.


Unique Selling Points

  1. 3 Modular Sizes
    • Possible to mix & merge sizes, items and techniques retaining alignment.
  2. 4 Techniques
    • Aligned, Classical, Modular & Artistique – infinite pattern possibilities.
  3. 8 Looks
    • Enriches design feel.
  4. 250+ Colours
    • Enhances design aesthetics.